Grade B phones are phone only (no packaging or accessories), fully tested with a 60 day warranty and unlocked. They are sold plus VAT & on the margin scheme (no VAT) as indicated.

Last updated: 16th may 2018

No.DescriptionInventoryUnit Price (£)Sale Price (£)
70118Apple iPhone 5 16Gb Grade B Vat P/O17565
70217Apple iPhone 5S 64Gb Grey Grade B P/O Vat2120110
72159Microsoft Lumia 535 Green Grade B2425
72160Microsoft Lumia 535 Orange Grade B125
72167Microsoft Lumia 950 Black Grade B685
72168Microsoft Lumia 950 White Grade B385
72169Nokia 222 Black Grade B215
71825Nokia 3310 (2017) Blue Grade B Vat221.9919.99
71822Nokia 3310 (2017) Red Grade B Vat121.9919.99
71954Nokia Asha 201 Green Grade B Vat P/O115
72170Nokia Lumia 1020 Yellow Grade B170
72171Nokia Lumia 1320 Black Grade B160
72162Nokia Lumia 550 Black Grade B330
72161Nokia Lumia 550 White Grade B830
72164Nokia Lumia 640 Dual Sim Black Grade B145
72163Nokia Lumia 640 White Grade B1540
72165Nokia Lumia 650 Black Grade B1060
72166Nokia Lumia 650 White Grade B160
71844Nokia Lumia 820 Black Grade B VAT140
72172Nokia Lumia 830 Green Grade B350
72173Nokia Lumia 830 Orange Grade B150
04045Samsung Note 2 Grade B P/O175
70143Sony Xperia Z Black Grade B Vat P/O155
70902Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Black Grade B VAT P/O155
04718Sony Xperia Z2 Black Grade B Vat P/O170
04723Sony Xperia Z2 Purple Grade B Vat P/O170
70445Apple iPhone 5C 8Gb White Grade B F/T P/O56550
70379Apple iPhone 6S 128Gb Gold Grade B F/T P/O1250240
70377Apple iPhone 6S 128Gb Space Grey Grade B F/T P/O1250240
70365Apple iPhone 6S Pls 128Gb Rosegold Grade B F/T P/O1295285
70368Apple iPhone 6S Pls 128Gb S/Grey Grade B F/T P/O1295285
70444Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32Gb Mattblack Grade B F/T P/O1390380
70384Apple iPhone Se 64Gb Rose Gold Grade B F/T P/O1150140
70537Samsung S6 32Gb Blue Grade B F/T M/S2165155
70539Samsung S6 Edge 32Gb Black Grade B P/O2186175
70538Samsung S6 Edge 32Gb Gold Grade B F/T P/O3186175
70542Samsung S6 Edge 32Gb Green Grade B F/T P/O2186175
70391Samsung S6 Edge 64Gb Black Grade B F/T P/O1210200
70401Samsung S6 Edge 64Gb Gold Grade B F/T P/O1210200
70399Samsung S6 Edge 64Gb White Grade B F/T P/O1210200