All new products are plus VAT and come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty. All handsets are unlocked.

Last updated: 16th may 2018

No.DescriptionInventoryUnit Price (£)Sale Price (£)
03734Apple iPhone 5C 16Gb Green2125115
03739Apple iPhone 6 16Gb Gold5275225
71311Apple iPhone 6 32Gb Space Grey7245
71312Apple iPhone 6 64Gb Silver3260
71313Apple iPhone 7 128Gb Gold1450425
71314Apple iPhone 7 128Gb Red2450425
71315Apple iPhone 7 128Gb Rose Gold1450425
71316Apple iPhone 7 128Gb Silver2450425
71317Apple iPhone 7 256Gb Silver1490475
71319Apple iPhone 7 32GB Gold2380365
71320Apple iPhone 7 32GB Rose Gold1380365
70500Fuxen Diesel Duel Sim Gold UK618
70501Fuxen Diesel Duel Sim Grey UK318
71325Htc Desire 320 Grey350
71326Htc Desire 320 White250
71327Htc Desire 500 White155
71329Htc Desire 510 Grey460
71330Htc Desire 510 White360
71332Htc Desire 620 Grey175
71333Htc Desire 626 Blue1275
71335Htc Desire 820 Grey290
71134Htc One A9S Black15135125
71138Htc One M7 Blue580
71145Huawei P8 Gold1130
71146Huawei P8 Grey1130
71149Huawei P8 Lite 2017 PRA-LX1 Black4120
71150Huawei P8 Lite 2017 PRA-LX1 Gold1120
71147Huawei P8 Lite Black2100
71148Huawei P8 Lite White2100
71141Huawei Y530 Black235
71142Huawei Y550 Black 1050
71143Huawei Y635 Black135
70362Nokia 105 UK Spec 27812.5011.50
70955Nokia 3310 Single Sim UK Spec Warm Red64035
70957Nokia 3310 Single Sim UK Spec Yellow54035
03827Nokia 5230 Black115
03828Nokia 5800 Black120
70271Nokia E71 230
71152Nokia Lumia 630 Black1040
71153Nokia Lumia 630 Orange240
71154Nokia Lumia 635 Black145
71155Nokia Lumia 635 Orange145
70272Nokia X6 16Gb New Navigation With Car Holder145
71158Samsung A5 Black1110
71160Samsung Ace S5830I White1030
04404Samsung S6 32 Gold1210
71352Samsung Y Grey725
71355Samsung Young RED 130
71168Sony Xperia E Black335
71169Sony Xperia E White135
71170Sony Xperia E1 Black135
71171Sony Xperia E1 White135
71172Sony Xperia E4 Black350
71173Sony Xperia E4 White150
71174Sony Xperia M5 Gold1120
71178Sony Xperia Z5 Gold5230
70495Zanco Fly Gold1116
71246Zanco Wasp Black1016
70406Zte S521 Euro Dual Sim Black2326.505