Dedicated Point of Sale 

We can supply POS designed to make the most of both network marketing activities and the space available in-store. Our POS is regularly updated and includes items such as:

SIM display units - Prong boards in various shapes and sizes to display your SIMs. These are a very flexible solution enabling you to maximise display space.

Counter top display units - With a very small footprint these units have real impact and can increase sales dramatically when placed at the till point.

Clip strips - Again very flexible and particularly useful when space is at a premium.

Bay branding - We have a number of ways we can brand specific bays with side wings or cheek panels.

Counter mats - The ideal way to advertise that you have SIMs at the till point.

Posters, pens shelf wobblers etc. - Let your customers know what the latest offers are and take advantage of the network advertising campaigns.