Choice of SIM sales commission schemes

We offer two types of commission schemes. Our most popular, and highest earning scheme, is based on sharing the revenue of the top ups made. We also offer a more traditional flat rate structure which is based on the number of top ups regardless of value.

Revenue share

We have two levels of revenue share. Standard and Standard Plus. These are linked to the number of activations made each month. Simply put, the more activations you make the higher your earnings will be.

  • Standard – for 1 to 40 activations per month. We offer market leading revenue share options that reward you for the value of the customer over a 4 – 6 month period (dependant on the network). Unlike other schemes with fixed amounts linked to the number of top ups, we offer payments on unlimited top ups within a period. So the more your customer pays the more you get.
  • Standard Plus – for 40 to 150 activations per month. This offers all the benefits of our standard package but with higher revenue share rates.

 If you currently split your SIM sales amongst a number of suppliers this will be of interest to you as you can really increase your earning potential, simply by getting all your SIMs from Commsense. To find out more please get in touch.

Top up based

This offers a fixed rate commission on each top up for up to 10 top ups (dependant on the network) and includes a bonus when you achieve more than 10 activations in a month.

Whichever scheme you choose you will benefit from Self Billing, comprehensive support and advice on how to grow this side of your business. Get in touch to find out more.