Choosing the right supplier for anything can be a bit of a lottery. Choosing Commsense means that the odds will be stacked in your favour.

We believe in keeping things simple. Combining category expertise with unbeatable products, outstanding support and  means that our customers have the best chance of success when it comes to SIMs, graded devices and accessories.

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Direct with all UK networks and MVNOs

Working directly with the mobile networks we are able to align our promotions and marketing activity with them. By doing this we make sure our customers get the greatest benefit from the campaigns and brand investment made by the networks. 

By choosing Commsense as your SIM provider you can be sure that not only will you always be up to date with what's happening in the marketplace, you will also benefit from having access to the latest, most innovative and competitive SIM propositions in the UK.

Choice of commission schemes

We recognise that not all businesses are the same and offer two types of commission schemes so you can choose what's best for you.

Revenue share - Our most popular commission scheme, this pays you a percentage of the revenue your customers generate through their top ups. There are two levels: 

  • Standard – for 1 to 40 activations per month. We offer market leading revenue share options that reward you for the value of the customer over a 4 – 6 month period (dependant on the network). Unlike schemes with fixed amounts linked to the number of top ups, we offer payments on unlimited top ups within the period. 
  • Standard Plus – for 40 to 150 activations per month. This offers all of the benefits of our standard package but with higher revenue share rates

Fixed rate - This offers a fixed rate commission for up to 10 top ups made by your customer (dependant on the network) and includes a bonus when you achieve more than 10 activations in a month.

Hassle free payments

Getting your commissions couldn't be easier as we take away all the hassle of tracking usage and invoicing us for payment.

We get the activation data from the all the networks every month and compile your data into an easy to understand statement. We then send the statement to you along with the data files and raise an invoice on your behalf. Finally we make the payment direct to your bank account. 

That's it. No need to raise an invoice or compare all the different types of reports to work out what you are owed. Simply make the sale and leave the rest to us. A simple solution that saves you time and money.  

Dedicated Point of Sale 

We can supply POS designed to make the most of both network marketing activities and the space available in-store. Our POS is regularly updated and includes items such as:

SIM display units - Prong boards in various shapes and sizes to display your SIMs. These are a very flexible solution enabling you to maximise display space.

Counter top display units - With a very small footprint these units have real impact and can increase sales dramatically when placed at the till point.

Clip strips - Again very flexible and particularly useful when space is at a premium.

Bay branding - We have a number of ways we can brand specific bays with side wings or cheek panels.

Counter mats - The ideal way to advertise that you have SIMs at the till point.

Posters, pens shelf wobblers etc. - Let your customers know what the latest offers are and take advantage of the network advertising campaigns.